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RSS Houston a US corporation with over 35 years of experience in building and supplying bespoke instrumentation solutions for customers worldwide.  RSS mission statement is to provide each customer with a professional cost effective service that offers value for money throughout the life cycle of  the product.

RSS have an extensive in house engineering capability and support our customers from concept through to design - manufacturer - delivery - installation and total life cycle support.

RSS supply products that are compliant and conform with the customers specification regarding approvals and relevant certification requirements specific to each geographical country of supply.

RSS offer Environmentally Designed Spill Recovery Vacuum Systems, Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Systems, General Fabrication Services, On Board Vessel Management Systems and Heat Tracing Systems.

RSS have impressive track record and have provided engineered solutions for customers such as Nabors Drilling, Transocean, Maersk, Chevron, Marathon Petroleum, Seadrill, Exxon Mobil to name a few.

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NEW - RSS Latest Developments DEK-VAC™Photos shown to the right

DEK-VAC™ is a trolley based vacuum- spill recovery system which quickly collects, captures and simplifies disposal of deck and equipment spills of hazardous liquids for offshore operations. The system is mobile, lightweight, pneumatic and powered by utility air.

DEK-VAC™ can be used to clean up deck and equipment based spills for:

•  Operators – Hydrocarbons, Diesel, Chemicals, Hydraulic Oils

•  Drilling Companies – Hydrocarbons, Drilling Mud, Hydraulic Oils

            •  ROV Companies – Hydraulic Oil

 Petrochemical Plants, Airports, Emergency Services and many more

DEK-VAC™ is an innovative method for the recovery of deck and equipment spill clean-up eliminating the need for particulate and absorbent pads.  Enables the user to comply with environmental regulatory requirements for more cost efficient recovery and is far less labor-intensive than current manual methods.

DEK-VAC™ is intrinsically safe and uses air from the instrument air system utility air or other pneumatic air supplies to operate.  Only requiring a small  4’ x 3’ footprint and can be stored easily on the facility, drill rig or ROV skid until required.  A petrol engine version is available for non-hazardous applications.


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