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RSS have developed an extensive network of worldwide agents and distributors covering China, South Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom, South America, Canada, UAE with more agents currently in the process of being added. Our aim is to offer our services globally and as such all agents are fully trained in the full RSS product range with engineering, sales and servicing support provided by the corporate office in Houston.  

RSS have recently agreed a mutual trade partnership with Abersea Engineering who are a UK, Aberdeen based engineering support company who will further enhance the RSS product range and total service approach that both companies are now able to offer worldwide.  

Rig Supply Services Limited was established in 2015 to provide direct support to our customer base in Europe and support our Aberdeen based agent Abersea Engineering.  RSS are in the process of establishing a dedicated engineering and sales support function in the UK and based in Bristol.

RSS have developed DEK -VAC™.  DECK-VAC is the first portable vacuum recovery system available to make the recovery of hydrocarbons easy without the need for particle absorbers which are both expensive and difficult to dispose of from and environment point of view.  The DEK-VAC is a trolley based system that utilizes facility air pressure and is totally mobile and designed for use on rigs and offshore facilities, ROV operators, petrochemical plants, industrial and commercial applications that requiring a pneumatic supply rather than certified electrical power due to possible explosive atmospheres. DEK-VAC is ideal for areas of operation that have limited space making the system ideal for environmental clean up in a fast contained manner.  

During 2017 and 2018  DEK-VAC will be fully marketed and introduced in the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia.

RSS are currently expanding our operations and closely working with OEM’s EPC’s and Shipyards to further introduce the full range of RSS engineered solutions for BOP, Choke Control, ESD and Glycol Injection systems with the aim to become the preferred choice for well control solutions. Additionally our ongoing goal is to be the first choice for customers worldwide for instrumentation, environmental and fabrication services.

RSS are always looking for new sales & support agents, please contact us if you're interested in representing Rig Supply Services and advise us of your country and area of operation.

Email : sales@rssusservices.com


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