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RSS are agents for MEDENG and as such can supply the full range of MEDENG Multi-Phase solutions as specified below

MEDENG Multiphase Flowmeters

MEDENG manufactures MPFMs to cater to the full spectrum of resource extraction activities.

MPFM categories

Single Range MPFM

Our single range MPFM represents are most widely deployed and cost effective MPFM solution.

The single range MPFM is versatile. It can be deployed both onshore and offshore. It can also be vehicle mounted for mobile well testing applications.

Dual Range MPFM

The Dual Range MPFM can be deployed onshore, offshore and for vehicle based mobile well testing.

The Dual Range MPFM includes a second measurement section that dramatically increases the range of flowrates that the MPFM can effectively measure. The Dual Range MPFM has a turndown ratio of 100:1, unmatched in the industry.

Wet Gas MPFM

Wet gas is a particular form of multiphase flow in which the dominant fluid is gas and in which there is a presence of free-flowing liquid. MEDENG provides meters specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of wet gas monitoring.

SAGD / Heavy Oil MPFM

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) is an enhanced oil recovery technology for the production of heavy crude or bitumen resources, originally developed in Alberta, Canada in the 1990s.  To serve this growing market, MEDENG offers a simple, compact, inline multiphase flow meter that accurately measures oil, water and gas components at the wellhead, providing accurate data vital to oil producers. The technology is adapted to handle the difficult flow conditions of heavy crude. It is the first MPFM capable of handle the most extreme heavy crude flow conditions of low operating pressures, low flow rate, high viscosity and high temperatures. The meter is especially designed to minimize pressure drop and to facilitate its maintenance.

SAGD MPFM specifications

Subsea MPFM

MEDENG offers a subsea MPFM based on the same proven working principles as our onshore products. The Subsea MPFM has been designed for the unique operating requirements of subsea resource extraction.

Downhole MPFM

MEDENG's Downhole MPFM is a new product from MEDENG that uses the same reverse Venturi mechanism used in our Subsea MPFM.  The downhole MPFM is the first of it's kind. The ability to monitor all aspects of your production with a downhole tool represents

a breakthrough in the industry.


Multi-Phase Flow Meters

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