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RSS provide heat tracing systems designed to keep all types of equipment at a set pre-determined temperature in minus degree conditions offering winterization systems for most applications.   

RSS have provided heat tracing systems for the Survitec Group who are a global safety company designed to fit inside there On/Offshore MES systems (Mass Evacuation Systems).  RSS have provided full heat tracing systems for MorNefteGazStroy based in St Petersburg Russia and USAF Control Tower based in Greenland Finland. Each system package is based on the customers specific requirements and RSS will work with you to develop a system that operates in the geographical area for the facility or asset regarding + / - temperature requirements and for electrical systems that carry full certification such as ATEX, IEC or any other global standards, RSS can comply.

The control panel as shown in the photo at the base of this page offers the following functions:-     

     •  High and Low Temperature range parameters to enable the system to be set and operate at the desired temperature range down to - 50 degrees

     •  Auto start feature whereby if the system is in the standby position and the temperature drops suddenly below the pre-determined range the system will automatically switch on

     •  Panel provides temperature readings of both internal and external temperatures

     •  Emergency Stop  Button

     •  Visible strobe fitted to the top of the panel  to advise operators if the temperature drops below the set low level and the system is not supplied with the auto start feature or there is a power


     •  The system can be set to provide a message to customer designated operatives, whereby either a text message is sent if the person is on call or direct to a designated users computer


Due to the extensive range of applications each heat tracing system is designed specifically for each customers operational requirements, listed below are some of the differing types of heat tracing systems RSS can supply.


Heat Tracing blankets  are used for containers, escape chutes, closed in areas that thermal transfer of the blanket wrap can be contained and maintain the desired temperature range at a constant. Thermal blankets have a wiring loom fed into the material and the loom is looped throughout the thermal blanket as shown in the photo below, this type of heat tracing is only suitable for enclosed spaces that can maintain a constant temperature.   

Other type of heat tracing systems are listed below:-

• Thermal wiring for door handles and all types of controls including motors, winches, pulleys provides a constant temperature that stops freezing enabling access or operations to be performed

• Thermal pads ideal for floors, walls ideal for metal containers such as out buildings used offshore for storing equipment  

• Thermal space heaters designed for use in zoned class areas such as Zone 1. Zone 2. and ATEX rated with suitable IP rating

The list of applications are very broad so please contact us to discuss your particular needs, we are always happy to assist at sales@rssusservices.com ed and can be specified by the customer or his/her nominated representative. RSS can also provide offshore engineers for servicing, repair, installation and commissioning

For more information contact us on:-

Call: +1 281 676 8008  Fax: +1 281 676 8033  or email: sales@rssusservices.com -  www.rssusservices.com

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