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RMX16CD 16 Channel Color Duplex Multiplexor enclosed within a 316 Stainless Explosion proof enclosure with 14/16/18/20” TFT Display.  

16 channel color duplex multiplexor 16 image sources on one screen,  simultaneously record s full screen images on a VCR.  Viewing options include full-screen, multi-screen, or sequential switching with adjustable dwell time.  During VCR playback, full-screen and multi-screen viewing options are available and recording capabilities from 2 - 999 hours.  

Built-in time and date generator with a 8 character  camera title function. The video loss alert and alarm detection is structured as two distinct sounds that feature an up to 100 record.  The RMX-16 CD's compatibility with all standard and time lapse  VCRs. 4 channel color (RMX-4CD), and 9 channel color (RMX-9 CD) version are available.

Suitable for :- Class I, Div 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C, D  - Class II, Div 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G  Class III CSA – NRTL Approved to OSHA standards . NEMA Rated IP 66.

EX52 Explosion Proof Camera

The EX52 is a 12” explosion protected camera for effective surveillance at high risk environments. Designed for hazardous industrial locations including the entire range of OSHA (UL) designations for explosive locations. Its stringent Class I, Division I certifications allow safe functioning at locations where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or liquid vapors are present during normal operation. Groups covered include acetylene, hydrogen, ethylene and methane, all highly explosive gases.  

The EX52 is also certified for operation in areas where ignitable concentrations of combustible dusts (such as carbon-based or agricultural dusts) are present during normal operation .

GB3836 1-2000 & 2-2000

Additional Features


The camera systems can be supplied with Dual Monitor  TFT display, with Multiplexor,  316 stainless steel enclosures suitable for hazardous Class 1. Div 1.  locations.  All Hazardous TFT location enclosure is supplied as purgable.   The system can be expanded to add additional TFT monitors, keyboards. Ideal for Company Man or Toolpushers  cabin/office.  

Digital video recorders are available and capable of recording from 0-999 hours.  The system supports IP capability and can be supplied with remote monitoring capability.


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