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Choke Control is used when the pressures and fracture pressure gradients are very close with little room for error.  With conventional drilling operations the possibility of a kick occurring while not circulating or losing returns while circulating can lead to costly non-productive time resulting in the inability to reach targets.  Conventionally these events are addressed by adjusting the hydrostatic pressure through decreasing or increasing the mud weight. This requires both time and expense and the response may not be quick enough to produce the desired results.

Choke Control Systems offered by RSS are built to provide accurate pressure and well control,  especially in the case of a kick through loss of pressure. The systems offered, are manually operated and are compliant with API 16C regulations.

Choke Control Panel

• Piston isolators, separates the corrosive mud in the manifold  with the instrument fluid for sensors or gauges and prolong the life span of components

• 4:1 de-boosters, reduces the pressure by 4:1 ratio - Manifold Multipliers, 3 or 4 outlets from piston isolators or additional 3rd party signal take off

• Pump stroke counter, 1- 4 pump SPM rates shown as well as total strokes

• Liquid seal monitoring, shows the De-gasser pressure & the  dip tube pressure


RSS can provide, choke control consoles that are  built as 2 separate sections, the first section would compromise of the display components & controls and the second section would be the hydraulic power pack.  

The above option for separating both sections are the ideal option if the driller’s shack is short of space or over complicated. This set up enables the customer the option to mount the hydraulic power pack in a suitable location away from the elements and where suitable space is available.

Typical Dual Choke Control Panel Specification:

• Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Powder Coated Panel with lid, lifting  eyes & side panels

• Dual hydraulic shear seal control valves for opening & closing the  chokes

• Air Over Hydraulic pump producing 4.4 l/min at 500 PSI & 1.9  l/min at 3000 PSI

• Emergency Hand pump for low and high pressure producing 0.05  l/min at 1000 PSI & 0.009 l/min at 5000 PSI

• Bladder Accumulator once charged to 3000 PSI holds enough  volume to open fully or close both Chokes

• 8/10 Gallon Oil reservoir with returns filter, sight glass & drain

• Rotary valve for adjusting the opening and closing speeds

• 6” Casing 1 pressure gauge, 0-10,000 PSI

• 6” Casing 2 pressure gauge, 0-10,000 PSI

• 6” Drill Standpipe pressure gauge, 0-7,500 PSI

• 4” Choke 1 position gauge, open – close

• 4” Choke 2 position gauge, open – close

• 2” Rig air pressure gauge, 0-160 PSI

• 2” Hydraulic Accumulator pressure gauge, 0-4,000 PSI

• Pressure Reducing regulator, 3000 PSI to 300 or 1500 PSI

• Pressure relief valve, set at 3,650 PSI

• Pressure Relief valve, set at either 340 PSI or 1,750 PSI


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